Click on the links below to access PDF files of the Protocols and Minutes.


Protocols of the Pennsylvania HIV Planning Group (updated 2020)

HPG Membership Guide (excerpted from full HPG Protocols, updated 2019)



September      Documents: September HPG Remote Meeting Agenda

Presentations:  Unavailable due to technical difficulties with recording 


Documents:   August 2021 Remote Meeting Agenda and Large Print versionAugust 2021 HPG Announcements DRAFTRevised Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan 2017-2021Division of HIV Document-Report ScheduleClinical Quality Management Plan Review ChecklistClinical Quality Management PolicyFacts Matter Words Matter and version 3HIV Language TableCreate Equity Collaborative ReportCQM Report 2nd Quarter 2021HRSA UpdatePACE/PACENET and Related Program Services

Presentations: Language Matters - Troxell; Summary of Annual Reporting - Division of HIV; PACE PACENET and Related Program Services - Lorah; IHPCP Planning - Review of Guidance and Recommendations - Givens


Documents: 2020 HRSA Comp-Site Visit Report Response.docx, Division HIV Overview SPBP slidesFunding Reductions.pptxGoals_Workplan update discussion.pptx, HIV Hep SOR presentation 05202021.pptxIntegrated HIV Surveillance and Prevention APR NU62PS924544-04.pdf, Linkage to Care Data to CareMay 2021 HPG Announcements.docxMay HPG Remote Agenda.pdf Pennsylvania_PS18-1802 Year 4 APR TR_Final.pdf 

Presentations: Division of HIV Overview - Salem-Noll; Role of Drug and Alcohol Providers in the Elimination of HIV and Viral Hepatitis in PA - Orkis; Linkage to Care and Data to Care - Rossi; Clinical Quality Management and Employment - Schlegelmilch; SPBP Update on Long-Term Injectables, Cabenuva - ViiV Healthcare; and Workplan Revision - Givens



Documents: February 2021 HPG AnnouncementsFebruary 2021 HPG Remote Agenda FinalNovember HPG 2020 Announcements DRAFTDr. Levine congrats letter DRAFTHIV GlossaryHPG Accomplishments 2020HPG Acronym List 2020HPG Ground RulesHPG ProtocolsHPG Quick Guide 2020Intersectional HIV Planning 2021Pennsylvania Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan 

Presentations:  HPG Membership - Bozich; Statewide Priority Setting - Givens Bainbridge; Client and Service Utilization Data - Stums; SPBP - Haines; Unmet Need Estimates in PA - Malomo




November Documents: Announcements-DRAFT,  en Español;  Agenda (Final)Priority Setting Worksheet2021 Draft Workplan

November Presentations: HIV in Pennsylvania (2020)


August Documents:  Announcements-FINAL,  en Español AgendaAgenda-FINALMeeting GoalsHPG August 2020 NoticesFebruary (and May) Meeting RecapUpdate to Protocols

August Presentations: Intro to the Priority Setting Process, SPBP Presentation,  Prep and Adolescents


February Documents: Announcements-FINAL, en Español 

February Presentations:  Travel Guidelines - Fait; HIV Surveillance - Krampe; Epidemiology 101 - Malomo



November:  Executive Summary, en Español  

September:  Executive Summary, en Español ;  Tables Appendix to Executive Summary

September Presentations:  IHPCP and Housing - Givens, Henne; Stakeholder Town Halls Data - Adams; Statewide Media Campaign - Fait

May:  Executive Summary, Enero en Español

May Presentations:  Due to technical difficulties at the meeting, no recordings are available.  In place of recordings are pdf copies of the agenda and presentations:  Agenda; Data 2 Care Update-Tyler; Membership Report - HPCP; Preliminary Results OHE; Racial Disparities in the IHPCP - Givens; Townhall Stakeholder Meeting - Hellman

January:  Executive Summary, Enero en Español

January Presentations:  Epidemiology 101 - Malomo; History of HPG - Givens; HPG Membership Roles and Responsibilities - Hellman; PA Division of HIV and HIV Surveillance - Salem-Noll Krampe Henne; Travel Guidelines - Fait



November:  Executive Summary, Noviembre en Español  (note: November meeting ended early due to inclement weather and was finished via web conference.  What follows are all presentations from both dates.)

November Presentations:  HIV Cluster Monitoring and Community Participation - Ngokion, PA's Medical Marijuana Program - Collins Bentch, Form and Function Recommendations for HPG - Hellman Fait, Priority Setting Update - Givens, Integrated Planning Leadership - Hellman Garland

September:  Executive Summary, Septiembre en Español

September Presentations: Rapid Linkage Pilot - Rivera; Epidemiology - Malomo

July:  Executive Summary, Julio en Español

July Presentations: Data to Care D2C - Tyler, Intersectional Planning - Givens

May:  Executive Summary, Mayo en Español

May Presentations:  Trauma Informed Care - Hinds, Epidemiology - Malomo, Harm Reduction Endorsement - Hellman, Plan Changes - Pompa, and Enhancing Client Access to Services - DOH.

March:  Executive Summary, Marzo en Español

March Presentations:  Overview of HIV Care in PA - Montgomery, HPG Overview - Flaherty, HPG Member Roles and Responsibilities - Hellman, Epidemiology 101 - Malomo, Travel Guidelines for Members, Ryan White Standards - Montgomery, Overview of HIV SPBP in PA - Henne, Overview of HIV Prevention in PA - Salem-Noll

January: Executive Summary, Enero en Español

January Presentations:  Love Your Brotha - PrEP PA Anti-Stigma Campaign, History of PA HIV Planning - Krier, PrEP Anti-Stigma Campaign - Krier, Orientation Exercise and Plan - Adams



November's Executive Summary, Noviembre en Español

November's videos - EpidemiologyNominations and RecruitmentStakeholder EngagementStigma, and Department of Education Overview

September's Executive Summary - Septiembre en Español

September's videos - IHPCP Review and HRSA CDC Feedback (Handout), Integrate HIV Surveillance and Prevention GrantPhiladelphia Planning. and Status Updates of IHPCP

July's Executive Summary; Julio en Español

July's videos - 5 Year Spending PlanPA HIV Continuum of CarePlanning Partner Spotlight, and PrEP for Individuals with STD Recidivism

May's Executive Summary - Mayo en Español

May's videos - Epidemiology 101HIV Epidemiology Profile in PAStakeholder Engagement PlanTravel GuidelinesHIV Surveillance, and Discussion of Pre-Orientation Materials

January's Executive Summary - Enero en Español   Note: there were no presentation recordings taken during this meeting.


2016 *

November's Executive Summary - Noviembre en Español

November's videos - Evolution of PAs Statewide Planning, LGBT History Month Highlights, PAs HIV Continuum of Care, Project Silk Highlights and Update, and RW Grant Application and HRSA.

September's Executive Summary; Septiembre en Español

September's videos - IDU Panel Discussion, Integrated HIV Prevention & Care Plan, Intersection of Overdose, Opiate Use Disorder, and HCV, and Ryan White Conference Update.

July's Executive Summary - Julio en Español

July's videos - SPBP Presentation, Philadelphia Integrated HIV Plan Update, HIV in PA Epidemiology, and Behavioral Health Access Subcommittee Presentation

May's Executive Summary

May's videos - AIDS Free Pittsburgh Overview, Health Literacy Presentation, The Open Door, HRSA Regional Office Overview, Rules of Respectful Engagement, Plan Update Executive Summary, and Stakeholder Engagement Update

March's Executive Summary - Marzo en Español

March's Videos ** - Peer Navigator Presentation and SPBP Hepatitis C Initiative

January's Executive Summary -  Enero en Español

January's Interactive Video of Full Meeting

* Beginning 2016, meetings reported via Executive Summary (pdf) and as a video of selected presentations.

** March's recording experienced audio difficulties and the videos may be difficult for some listeners.



July           Julio en Español
May  Mayo en Español
March Marzo en Español
January Enero en Español



November      Noviembre en Español
September Septiembre en Español